In 1999 the company LCS (Logistique Conseils Services) was founded by Gilbert Méleard and Eric Macé, two experienced directors from CAMAT, a former French market leader in the field of transport. In collaboration with the Italian insurer SIAT, LCS started developing their underwriting business in the French transport market.

In 2007, LCS became the current C.A.M.T.T. (Conseils en Assurances Maritimes & Tous Transports). Together with Gilbert Méleard (CEO), Jean-Christophe Méleard has led the company as Managing Director since 2009. In that same year we became a member of SAMF (Syndicat des Assureurs Maritimes de France), a French syndicate of underwriting agents established in 1897. C.A.M.T.T. specialises in various marine insurance solutions as a representative of insurance companies. As a Managing General Agent (MGA), we currently have underwriting authority of Baloise and Argenta.

As of 2021 DUPI Underwriting Agencies and C.A.M.T.T. merged their organizations, enabling us to offer additional coverages besides our marine insurances.